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SPESEAL cope and drag sealer

Characteristics: Asbestos-free plastic packing strips made of non-hardening materials of uniform composition and size. Ready for use.

Properties: Good sealing of the mould halves and coreprints, which prevents burr-forming leakage of the metal. Increases in wall thicknesses are prevented thus helping to achieve dimensional stability of the casting. Fault-free gas extraction is ensured. SPESEAL deflagrates completely due to the high temperature of the metal and leaves behind no harmful residues in the sand.

SPESEAL removes the need to use clay seals and time-consuming cutting open around the mould.

Areas of use: Mould and core-making shop.

Shelf-life: 6 months in closed room at 20° C.

Packaging: Standardised corrugated board boxes, 800 mm or 1000 mm long.

SPESEAL sealing compound

Characteristics: SPESEAL sealing compound is an aqueous dispersion of different inorganic and organic materials in tubes and cartridges.