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SPEFORM Zirconium sand

SPEFORM zirconium sand is mainly made of zirconium silicate and is very heat resistant. Due to its significantly lower thermal expansion compared to quartz sand, zirconium sand is used as facing sand for cast iron and steel.

SPEFORM chromite sand

Moulding raw material mainly made from the mineral chromite and used for areas exposed to high thermal loads.

SPEFORM iron oxide

Synthetic quality with high Fe2O3 content.

BETASET hardener

Methyl formate is a highly volatile ester, which in contact with air serves as a carrier gas for curing of Betaset resin-sand mixtures in seconds.

Active bentonite

Inorganic core and mould sand binder or bonding clay for semi- and fully synthetic sand process, both for dry and for wet casting.

Packaging: 25 kg sacks, loose in silo truck

Volclay bentonite

Natural American sodium bentonite for extremely high loads, especially in steel casting. Volclay-bonded mould materials are characterised by:

Packaging: 25 kg sacks, loose in silo truck

SPEFORM foundry gypsum plasters

SPEDUR is a plastic-modified hard gypsum plaster, preferably used to produce bearing sides and pattern plates with required large flask sizes on disamatic and jolt moulding machines.

HELIODUR 40 is a hard plaster with low swelling. Mould sides made with it are very dimensionally accurate.
SUPRADURO is a selected alabaster moulding plaster for pattern plates with small flask size and for modelling.

Stored dry in sealed sacks or containers the plasters have a shelf life of 6 months.

SPETEX venting ropes

SPETEX is made of highly tear-resistant polypropylene and is used to make air vents in sand cores.