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SPECOTIN coatings for moulds and cores

Composition: Some substantial differences exist with regard to impact on casting. Therefore, each SPECOTIN type is based on a main raw material, which has the best properties for the respective purpose; an optimum isolating effect is thus achieved between the mould, cores and metal. The main raw materials include: zirconium, graphite, coke dust, aluminium and magnesium silicates. In addition to the main raw materials, substances are used that give the coatings their particular property.

Application: Primarily for flow coating, immersing, spraying or brushing. Suitable for moulds and cores made of all mould materials.

Properties: The coatings produce smooth, abrasion-resistant and crack-free coatings with very good adhesion on sand substrates of every kind. They can therefore be used on all moulding and core sands.

Use: Although the coatings settle very little, it is nonetheless advisable to stir them before use. After the coating has been applied the cores and moulds can be fired after approx. 1 minute. Casting can begin around 2 hours after firing.

Packaging: disposable hobbocks, lidded drums, returnable containers.

Water-based coatings particularly recommended for heavy metal casting:
Alcohol-based coatings particularly recommended for heavy metal casting: A large number of other coatings are available on request.

SPECOTIN thinner

Characteristics: SPECOTIN thinner contains isopropyl alcohol

Properties: Thinner for all alcohol-based coatings

SPECOTIN mould and core varnish

Characteristics: Special varnish for surface hardening