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SPECOTEC resole CO2 process

Characteristics: Low-contaminant, low odour-producing binder for the resole CO2 process. The curing
takes place through gassing with CO2 and is free from interfering emissions. The low viscosity helps to achieve easy metering.
SPECOTEC is free from nitrogen, sulphur and phosphorus.

Characteristic data:   Viscosity at 20 °C:    approx. 250-350 mPa • s
                        Density at 20 °C:          approx. 1.20 g/m3
                        pH value:                       12-14
                        Colour:                            red-brown

Area of use: SPECOTEC in combination with CO2 is particularly suitable or the production of moulds and cores for
G-GX, GJL, GJS, non ferrous metals.

Use: The quantity of SPECOTEC added to quartz sand - depending on the grading range - is between 2 % and 3 %.

Shelf life: 3 months in sealed containers.