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SPETHERM exothermic powder and covering fluxes

Characteristics: Under the designation SPETHERM, we offer a range of compounds, from insulating to highly exothermic, for most alloys.

The individual grades are adapted to the special requirements in G-GX, GJL, GJS and non-ferrous metal casting.

The shelf life, if stored in dry conditions, is 6 months.

High exothermic powder particularly recommended for iron casting:
Heating compounds particularly recommended for iron casting:
Covering fluxes particularly recommended for iron casting: Packaging: 25 kg sacks.

Further SPETHERM compounds available on request.

Special slag binder for GJL, GJS, G-GX and heavy metal casting

Characteristics: High-quality granular material for reliable binding and collection of liquid, viscous and dry slags. The slag crust in casting and transfer ladles and in induction furnaces is prevented and thus slag inclusions in castings are avoided.

SPEDOX makes it easier to remove the slag from the bath surface before casting or improved and reliable holding back of the slags during casting.

SPEDOX is neutral with regard to the molten metal and is also free from constituents harmful to health and is thus also not subject to mandatory labelling.

SPEDOX is suitable for grey cast iron, ductile cast iron, heavy metal casting and similar high melting point alloys.

Grades and grading ranges:
Slag binders particularly recommended for iron casting: Packaging:  25 kg sacks.

Other SPEDOX grades on request.