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SPEGASET Cold-Box binders

Characteristics: SPEGASET is a two-pack binder for the Cold-Box process.

Through gassing with SPECATIL C series catalysts, polyaddition is initiated between the resin and isocyanate component and cures to become a very stable polyurethane compound in seconds. Cores and moulds have high strengths.

In many cases, moulds and cores made with SPEGASET can be casted without coatings.
Use of water-based coatings is not a problem. However, coatings from the SPECOTIN series, which have been especially developed for the cold-box process should be used.

Stored cool (< 30 °C) in sealed containers, SPEGASET has a shelf life of 6 months.< 30°C).
The B-component (isocyanate) must be protected from moisture and cold.

SPECATIL C catalysts

Characteristics: SPECATIL C are catalysts for the cold-box process. They are characterised by low consumption.

SPECATIL C catalysts are supplied in drums or special cans.

Kept in sealed containers at room temperature, the shelf life is 6 months.

SPEFORM metal cleaner

Characteristics: SPEFORM metal cleaner is a special cleaner for all metal parts that come into contact with cold-box binders.

It is sprayed or brushed onto soiled parts.